Empowerment through Education in Afghanistan (EEA-3) Need Assessment Report

Publication Date: 15/01/2018

The purpose of a Needs Assessment is to inform some of the key programming decisions ahead of implementation of a third phase (EEA-3). The goal of the proposed EEA-3 project is that children, particularly girls, in targeted communities of five provinces of Afghanistan will have access to a broader range of opportunities in life after obtaining a quality, empowering education. CARE undertook this Need Assessment Study in the five project provinces with the following objectives: Objective 1: To provide a comprehensive assessment of education needs in five proposed provinces. Objective 2: To inform the plan for establishment of new CBE/ LSCBE classes for maximum linkage between formal and informal education systems, increased sustainability and transition planning. Objective 3: Undertake a disability analysis and provide recommendations on disability inclusive approaches for CBE. [89 pages]

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