Every Voice Counts (EVC) Program Mid Term Review Report

Publication Date: 15/07/2018

This report presents a Mid-Term Review of the Every Voice Counts (EVC) Program and presents the key evaluation questions of relevancy, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. In the methodology, a triangulation of data is presented with emphasis on comprehensive desk review of key internal and external documents relevant to the project, theory of change and Harvesting of Outcomes (OH), structured questionnaires, key informant interviews and focus group discussions with a representative sample. Statistical data is presented in form of charts, frequency tables and logical framework. The evaluation report provides clear, evidence-based and analytical answers to all the agreed evaluation questions and includes the assessment of the cross-cutting topics. It contains all the necessary raw data information that have been used in the process of data collection and analysis, and any other necessary annexes and references used. Stories of change have been highlighted to support the stated quantitative data. Data have been disaggregated by provinces, gender and type of organization of the respondents. The aim of this assignment is to conduct the external Midterm Review (MTR) of the Every Voice Counts Program as described in this ToR, following the four (04) domains, that is, empowerment of members of excluded groups in particular, women and girls on lobby and advocacy, strengthening the advocacy of CSOs, enhancing responsiveness of public authorities and other power holders and strengthening space for dialogue and negotiations. These are reflected under the key evaluation questions of OECD (relevancy, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability). In the particular, the evaluation focused on the following: Describe progress in relation to the country Theory of Change (ToC) and objectives of the EVC Program and as compared to baseline; Describe what went well, what did not and what could be improved. [177 pages]

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