Humanitarian Program Baseline/KAP Survey Report- Balkh and Kabul Provinces

Publication Date: 31/01/2019

CARE’s Emergency Shelter, NFI, Hygiene, SRHR and Livelihood Support for Disaster-Affected Populations in Afghanistan (EHSSAN) Project has planned to assist 4,400 households in seven provinces (Kabul, Balkh, Parwan, Kapisa, Ghazni, Paktia and Khost). The hygiene, CFW, SRH, Winterization and UCG activities are implemented in two Kabul and Balkh provinces as project plan and rest of NFI and shelter assistance are provided to all targeted provinces. A baseline study was conducted to establish baseline values for indicators of intended outcomes and collect information about the target group prior to intervention. The survey findings in Kabul and Balkh provinces shows that, 19% of families are headed by women in the targeted area and 52.8% of women involved in CDCs & household level decision making. Regarding their income main source 89% of respondents said they received income from daily wage activities to fulfil their basic need in current situation. 48% of targeted people received humanitarian assistance from different humanitarian actors in past 6 months. 98% of individual respondent declared that, their basic need is cash, 62% of individual declared that their basic need is food assistance. 34% of FGD respondent confirmed that, their basic need is cash as well, but 67 % of female respondent basic was job opportunity and vocational trainings. 67% of women have economy contribution with their family through skill and job salary. [33 pages]

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