Math Knowledge Needs Assessment

Publication Date: 15/07/2018

The GEC places a strong emphasis on uptake of literacy and numeracy skills as a primary outcome for girls supported by projects. STAGES II is directly educating 23,000 girls in CBE classes and supporting a further 170,000 girls through government school interventions. These beneficiaries are expected to meet the target of 0.25 standard deviations over the control group (non-STAGES supported government school students) in both literacy and numeracy testing at midline and endline. Numeracy skill uptake is measured through Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA) and Secondary Grade Mathematics Assessment (SEGMA) tools designed by the STAGES evaluator, which are composed of a number of sub-tasks including number identification fluency (EGMA 1), quantity discrimination (EGMA 2), missing number identification (EGMA 3), addition fluency (EGMA 4), subtraction fluency (EGMA 5), word problems (EGMA 6), multiplication and division (SEGMA 1), and more complex equations including algebra (SEGMA 2). [6 pages]

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