Northern Uganda Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Programme

Publication Date: 15/08/2014

This is the final report of Financial Literacy and Linkage Banking Project (FLIP) implemented by CARE International in Uganda from 15th August 2012 to 12th November 2013 with funding from European Union through the Northern Uganda Agriculture Recovery Programme (ALREP). The project purpose was to achieve result area 4 of ALREP i.e. “Availability of agricultural finance to producers, traders and processors increased”. The project had three main result areas: 1) Increase financial literacy of small and medium scale actors (individuals and groups) in the agricultural sector in Northern Uganda increased; 2) Small and medium scale actors (individuals and groups) that save with and acquire loans from formal financial institutions for agricultural and agribusiness purposes increased; and 3) Formal financial institutions’ procedures and products are more geared towards the needs of small and medium scale actors in the agricultural sector. [43 pages]