Steps Towards Afghan Girls Educational Success-T Project Baseline Report

Publication Date: 05/06/2018

As part of the Girls Education Challenge-Transition (GEC-T) program, Steps Towards Afghan Girls’ Educational Success-II (STAGES-II) is expanding its work from GEC-1 to implement community-based education (CBE) to marginalised girls in 16 provinces of Afghanistan. STAGES-II is building on past activities and learning to introduce a new focus on transition, particularly the transition of girls from primary to secondary school education. The project aims to contribute to the learning and transition outcomes of 22,731 girls enrolled in primary- and lower-secondary community-based education (CBE) and accelerated learning programs (ALP). The baseline evaluation included a number of quantitative tools to measure the primary and intermediate outcomes, including: literacy and numeracy tests, a girl survey appended to learning tests, household surveys conducted with male heads of households and female carers of cohort girls, school surveys, teacher competency surveys, classroom observations and community assessments in CBE communities. Qualitative interviews and focus group discussions were also conducted with girls, boys, mothers, fathers, SMCs, CDCs, teachers, mullahs and officials from Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) and District Education Departments (DEDs). The baseline data collection also included benchmarking for transition and learning in order to set future project targets

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