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The WAS program scheme is originally conceptualized in 2011 by a national food company with a non-government organization as the local partner. Since 2016, CARE is responsible as the local partner for the initiation or continuation of Warung Anak Sehat in 350 schools across 4 different locations in Indonesia. In several areas, Warung Anak Sehat was first initiated by other organization and then continued by CARE. The WAS scheme consists of establishment of food kiosks which provides healthy food inside or outside schools. These kiosks are set up and run by vendors (usually female) who are provided with skills, tools and equipment. [27 pages] Read More...

Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME) Endline Survey Report

Beginning in 2012, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a 5-year project, named the Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME), to increase vulnerable communities’ resilience to climate change and reduce hunger and poverty. This endline report presents findings on whether PRIME achieved its overall objective in the Afar, Oromiya and Somali woredas where it was implemented. It also recommends further investigations prior to developing additional interventions (e.g. PRIME Phase Two), and considerations for defining any future monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan. [64 pages] Read More...

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