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ECD Program Impact Evaluation Report

The long-term impact aim of the program was to improve comprehensive developmental outcomes, as defined by the Essential Package, for children under five years of age. The aim of the research into the program was to evaluate program impact through nested quantitative and qualitative studies with the ultimate objectives of: i) Assessing whether the ECD program improved child development and nutritional outcomes and, if improvements did occur, ii) Determining which program components contributed significantly to that impact in the different environments. These components included nutrition, social accountability and ECD interventions. The CARE ECD program was funded by the Hilton Foundation from 2013 to 2016. [106 pages] Read More...

Mozambique Early Childhood Development Full Impact Report

This 106 page document looks at CARE ECD program was funded by the Hilton Foundation from 2013 to 2016. Two districts were selected in Inhambane Province that would allow us to illustrate a home-based ECD approach in remote rural villages (Funhalouro) as well as in rural villages closer to urban centers and resources (Homoine). One of the aims was to make sure that the Mozambican government had an example of an ECD model that could work in contexts where a pre-school model would have little chance of being successful. Read More...

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