Community Based Adaptation

Where the Rain Falls Phase III (2017 – 2019): Final Evaluation Report

In 2009, the Where the Rain Falls (WtRF) initiative started as a three-year research project investigating the impact of rainfall variability on food and livelihood security, and migration.

This research culminated in a global policy report (2012) and the development of more action-oriented community-based adaptation (CBA) pilot projects in each India, Thailand and Bangladesh. A second phase (2014 – 2016), and later a third phase (2017 – 2019), aimed to scale results, impacts and lessons learned to date for broader support for, and uptake of, CBA methods and approaches.

In October 2019, CARE France engaged an International Consultant to lead WtRF’ first multi-county evaluation. As per the Terms of Reference (TORs) for this evaluation (see Annex IV) the main objectives of the evaluation are two-fold:
(i) to assess the degree of achievement of the WtRF global and specific objectives in India and Thailand respectively; and
(ii) to extract common and/or comparable lessons learned about factors contributing to and hindering achievements (e.g. barriers and enablers) Read More...

Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) for Africa Narrative Report

This 103 page report for the Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) covers an extension period from July 2015 to June 2017. The extension period was funded by UKAid at the Department for International Development and Denmark’s Fund for Climate and Environment for NGOs managed by Civil Society in Development, as well as funds from the Australian Development Agency. The original ALP goal was maintained in the extension period: ‘to increase the capacity of vulnerable households in sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to climate variability and change,’ while the purpose was slightly modified: ‘Community-based adaptation (CBA) approached for vulnerable communities incorporated into development policies and programmes in Ghana, Kenya, and Niger, and replication ongoing in other countries in Africa.’ Read More...

Integrated community-based adaptation in the mekong (icam) project – final narrative report

This 35 page report shows the final results of the COMMUNITY-BASED CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION GRANTS (CBC... Read More...

Mangrove project evaluation

This 72 page project describes the approaches of community-based adaptation of mangroves, DRR, and c... Read More...

L’epargne feminine au service de la resilience-fatma

This 30 page document highlights how Village Savings and Loan programming and Community Based Adapta... Read More...

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