Stop TB and AIDS through RTTR (STAR): Program Report

The program goal is to end AIDS in Thailand by 2030 (reducing annual new infections to below 1,000 cases (from the current 8,134 estimated new infections annually)) and to reduce the prevalence of TB from 159 per 100,000 to 120 per 100,000 between 2015 and 2019. From 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017, the program performed outstandingly over the target in three indicators of MSW, FSW and MW reached with HIV prevention program. The percentage of result over target reported at 115.58%, 120.40%, and 119.83% consecutively. Overachieving results of these indicators described as following:

i) For MSW, the program could exceed the reach target because SRs conducting BCC workshop in
bar. At the workshop, SR introduced knowledge and information of HIV prevention including HIV,
VCCT, STIs, TB, PrEP, and PEP. Condom and lubricant were made available for MSWs. SR MPLUS
targeted non-venue based MSW who work around the public park in Chiang Mai. The online
application was also used as a channel to reach non venue-based MSWs. The SRs conducted
face-to-face individual talk for the online-reached MSWs. HIV Testing Center (HTC) operated by
SRs could offer additional service of syphilis testing to MSWs.

ii) For FSW, the outstanding performance of resulting from the high season for tourism in Thailand.
SR SWING engaged with employers and organized outreach session in bar before FSWs started
working. The SR reached out to new FSW area in Surawong.

iii) For MW, SRs reached performance were access the target resulting from combination HIV-TB
service provided to migrants in community and at workplace. SR STM started engaging
employers of FSWs at the border of Songkhla. [20 pages] Read More...

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