Emergency Food Assistance for Somalis

Publication Date: 20180601

With funds from the United States Agency for International Development/Food for Peace USAID/FFP), CARE implemented the Emergency Food Assistance for Somalis (EFAS) project from April 2017-May 2018 in the Sanaag and Sool regions of Somalia/Somaliland benefiting 13,882 households. Respondents and CARE felt that the impact was positive. The cash transfer helped recipients met basic needs, improve credit, positively impacted local markets and promoted impendence for women in shopping. Mobile money was an efficient delivery mechanism allowing for a fast project start-up, and beneficiaries access to fund. Mobile money service providers were inefficient in coordinating for service delivery but CARE took measures to counter this. CARE’s project approaches were efficient especially the use of the Biometric Beneficiaries Registration System, expeditated administrative processes, and staff deployment, but they were also viewed as bureaucratic. (41 pages)

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