A Safer Zambia (ASAZA)

Publication Date: 20111215

CARE led a consortium of local organizations, Zambian government institutions, and international partners in A Safer Zambia (ASAZA) program to provide a multi-pronged approach to the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) in Zambia. First, CARE sought to strengthen vulnerable populations’ access to GBV services and their utilization of these services through the creation of eight Coordinated Response Centers (CRCs). Second, ASAZA increased the response capacity of local institutions through collaboration with local NGOs and various Zambian government agencies, culminating in the eventual handover of the CRCs to the Ministry of Health (MoH). Finally, ASAZA worked with traditional community leaders to conduct a coordinated outreach and behavioral change campaign to improve GBV prevention strategies. Taken together, these activities comprised a twofold approach to tackling the problem of GBV. While the CRCs represented a restorative approach, the array of informational, educational and behavior change communications represented a preventative approach. [14 pages]

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