Publication Date: 01/02/2019

CARE Yemen has been implementing an OFDA-supported “Emergency assistance for conflict-affected and vulnerable communities” project in four districts (As Sudah, As Sawd, Jabal Yazid, and Maswar) of Arman Governorate and two districts (Mabyan and Ash Shagadirah) of Hajjah Governorate, Yemen. The goal of the project is to improve the basic living conditions, and facilitate early recovery and resilience of internally displaced persons and host communities affected by conflict in Yemen. This project seeks to meet the critical WASH and basic living needs of the most vulnerable households living in the targeted districts so that lives are saved, suffering is alleviated, and human dignity is maintained. The specific objectives of the project are: reduce morbidity from WASH-related diseases of vulnerable IDPs and host communities; enable the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities to meet their basic and immediate needs, and increase their asset base; and improve the food security and nutritional status of the most vulnerable host communities.
In order to measure the changes in key outcomes of the project through comparing with the benchmark values, an end-line survey was conducted with 729 beneficiary households living in the six project operational districts of the Amran and Hajjah Governorates in January 2019. The survey mainly used quantitative methodology (i.e. household survey) to collect pertinent data.

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