ENAWO Response Narrative Report

Publication Date: 20170808

On 7 March 2017, the tropical cyclone ENAWO affected the north-east coast of Madagascar in the village of Ampahana, 20 km to the north of the district of Antalaha. Classified in category 4, it struck the island with an average wind of up to 203 km/h and gusts of 300 km/h. It then crossed Madagascar before exiting to the south, by joining the Indian Ocean on 9 March 2017 (see map trajectory). ENAWO brought violent winds and torrential rains that have caused severe losses and damage. The wind and the generalized floods have resulted in the destruction of shelters, roads and other infrastructure, as well as of agricultural crops. The northeastern region is the most severely affected including the district of Antalaha, where CARE has an office for more than 20 years.

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