Midline SBGV Focus Group Assessment

Publication Date: 20161031

In order to determine whether beneficiaries reported a change in knowledge towards SGBV, we conducted a midline assessment in terms of focus groups. Five focus groups were held in Cairo and Alexandria during October 2016 to a total of 29 Syrian and 20 Sudanese women, 8 Syrian men, and 14 Syrian children (7 girls and 7 boys). In Cairo, 15 Syrian and 20 Sudanese women were interviewed in two focus groups, and a third mixed-gender focus group was conducted with 14 children aged between 8 and 12. In Alexandria, one focus group was conducted to 14 Syrian women and another to 8 Syrian men. Interviewees were a randomly picked sample of beneficiaries who attended the project’s activities throughout the first year. [2 pages]

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