Nutrition at the Center Endline Report Benin/Togo

Publication Date: 20180715

CARE has implemented an innovative, comprehensive five-year program (2013 – 2017) that aims to reduce anemia in women (age 15-49 years) and stunting and anemia in children (age 0-24 months) by integrating: i) Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition and Health (MIYCNH); ii) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), iii) Food Security (FS), and iv) women’s empowerment. Nutrition at the Center (N@C) were implemented in 4 developing countries (Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia and Zambia). It aimed to develop, document and disseminate highly effective and efficient integrated approaches that substantially improve nutritional outcomes for mothers and children. The program’s objectives were: (i) improved nutrition-related behaviors, (ii) improved use of maternal and child health and nutrition services; (iii) increased household adoption of appropriate water and sanitation practices; and (iv) increased availability and equitable access to quality food. An additional P4P program has been experimented at household level in order to supply communities in animal protein source especially for children feeding.
In Benin, N@C has intervened in two communes of the Oueme department (Dangbo and Bonou) and in 32 villages. By engaging with communities, other partners, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Family and the Ministry of Agriculture, N@C will build upon this commitment to improve nutritional status. In 2014, INSAE and CARE International conducted the baseline study, which served as guidelines for actions to be taken up to 2017.

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