Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative (PCTFI) Situation Analysis Study Report

Publication Date: 20121215

The situation analysis was conducted in order to produce a comprehensive report for the Malawi Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative (PCTFI) to be implemented in Kasungu district. Malawi continues to face a number of major obstacles in creating a stable and sustainable educational system for its children, in particular for the girls. CARE Malawi is already implementing a number of other projects in Kasungu district and in order to contribute to solving the educational problems in the country, CARE Malawi was looking at maximizing the impact and synergy of its programs by increasing intra-sector and cross-sector coordination and collaboration and narrowing the spread of the programs by mapping and prioritizing key geographical areas of coverage. It was therefore felt that a Situational Analysis would be useful to get a better idea of the prevailing situation in Kasungu that the PCTFI project was to address.

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