Phongsaly Rural Development Project (PRDP) Final Evaluation

Publication Date: 20140627

Care International Lao in Lao PDR (CARE INTERNATIONAL LAO) since 1992 has assisted implementing several successful projects in Lao PDR. Phongsaly Province is one of target provinces that rural poors are largely witnessed. Phongsaly Province, located in the northern most of Laos, is among the poorest provinces with 94.4% of total villages are poor and 53.3% of total households are poor (Source: NGPES), and 4 of seven districts in Phongsaly Provinces, mainly Mai, Khua, Yot Ou and Samphan Districts have been classified as poor districts among 72 poor districts in the country. The poor villages in three neighboring districts of Khua, Mai and Samphan take 85.8%, 94.7% and 100% respectively against total villages.
The project expands actions initiated under the current EC-funded Food Security project, and expands into two districts, Samphan and Mai. CARE will work with partners to add technically proven interventions and ensure the sustainability and diffusion of food and nutrition interventions locally and on a wider scale. This project was designed through joint CARE and District authority review of the current action and the AusAID and CARE Australia guidelines. Key associates such as the District Offices of Agriculture and Forestry (DAFO), Public Health (DPHO), the Lao Women’s Union (LWU) and other district departments and mass organisations, will be the focus of capacity development actions ranging from policy frameworks to technical approaches. [30 pages]

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