Pledge for Change Reporting 2024

Publication Date: 20240507

Overall, CARE has made significant progress on Pledge 3, some good progress on Pledge 2 (though not all of this can be measured yet), and some progress on Pledge 1.
In relation to equitable partnerships, we have set interim targets for 2025 for the extent and diversity of partnerships, and seen some progress in these areas, but our 2023 Keystone partner survey highlights three main areas for improvement: funding adequacy and timing, promotion of partners in the media, and joint decision-making. CARE is working on connecting finance and program reporting systems to better report on financial transfers to local partners (and to set a meaningful target for this for future years). We are also analysing good practices from positive outlier countries in the partner survey, to identify specific actions and processes that can be spread more widely to improve partnership practices.
For authentic storytelling, we have been shifting behaviours and practices towards anti-racist and decolonized communications, based on our global Communications Commitments. We are setting up a working group to explore global media monitoring and automate some monitoring requirements. CARE will also launch our third biannual image audit and update our images and consent policy. We can demonstrate some progress in acknowledging partners and promoting local voices in annual reports and information/advocacy campaigns, but we are not yet able to measure this in relation to fundraising.
In terms of influencing wider change, we have consistently been ceding space to local and national women-led organizations (WLOs) to advocate for their priorities with policy makers. We have also seized advocacy opportunities at the multilateral level and in the US to enhance donor transparency and accountability. CARE will lead negotiations to develop an IASC-endorsed definition of Women and Girl-Led Organizations to boost the engagement, participation and decision-making by these organisations in humanitarian action. We will continue to leverage our positions of influence in various policy platforms to open up leadership spaces for WLOs, and support them in using these spaces. CARE will set up mechanisms to track how our media and communications team is creating opportunities for partners, especially WLOs, to feature their voices and policy priorities.

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