The True Cost of COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns in South Sudan

Publication Date: 20240229

By November 2023, South Sudan had received 7,076,570 doses and administered 5,101,991 doses of COVID-19 vaccine through various vaccination strategies to curb the detrimental effects of COVID-19. The country has fully vaccinated 5,033,836 individuals across 80 counties of 10 states and 3 administrative areas .
CARE got funding from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) through Crown Agents (prime recipient of UNICEF). CARE International South Sudan conducted both static and intensified National COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign (NCVC)/Integrated COVID-19 Vaccination and Preventive Therapy (ICVOPT) in 9 counties from 3 states and 2 administrative areas out of 80 counties in South Sudan. CARE implemented the NCVC in Jonglei State (Twic East, Bor South & Duk counties), Western Bahr El Ghazal State (Jur River and Wau counties), Unity State (Rubkona and Mayom counties), Greater Pibor Administrative Area (Pibor County and Boma sub-county), and Ruweng Administrative Area (Pariang county).