GRAD Project Final Performance Evaluation

Publication Date: 20170315

The performance evaluation of Graduation with Resilience to Achieve Sustainable Development (GRAD) Activity assessed the activity’s results at higher and intermediate levels, the extent to which the activity met its goals, the overall effectiveness of partnerships and identified the strengths and challenges in implementation. Six evaluation questions were investigated to assess the: (1) Technical areas of GRAD, which have and have not exhibited sizable results; (2) Extent of beneficiary households’ asset and income changes over the life-of-the activity; (3) Extent of households’ resiliency improvement during periods of shock; (4) Level of GRAD partners’ influence in the beneficiary households’ graduation process; (5) Extent of the activity’s contribution to gender equity and women empowerment; and (6) Effectiveness of GRAD’s collaboration/complementarity with other feed the future activities. [138 pages]

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