Ghana’s Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) Project 2nd Year Annual Report

Publication Date: 20161215

The Ghana Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) Project” is five year social accountability project which was formulated by the Government of the United States of America through its development agency, USAID, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana. The project focuses on strengthening citizens’ oversight of capital projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance in 100 districts of Ghana.
The implementation of the GSAM project directly contributes to intermediate results; IR 1.2.1 “increased capacity of CSOs to advocate on behalf of citizens for improved government services’’; and sub IR 1.2.2 ‘‘strengthened CSO and National Audit Authority oversight of government services’’ under USAID/Ghana Country Development Cooperation strategy,- Strengthened Responsive, Democratic Governance.

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