PESHAWAR Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

Publication Date: 20201130

CARE international in Pakistan conducted Post distribution monitoring study in selected union councils of district Peshawar with beneficiaries of food package& Hygiene Kit. The study was conducted to get beneficiaries feedback about the utilization of food package & Hygiene Kit, distribution process, beneficiaries’ selection criteria, relevance, satisfaction about quality and quantity of kit items, feedback and complaint response mechanism, and COVID-19 information/risk communication.

CIP provided response to vulnerable community of district Peshawar, affected due to spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The project response was targeted to provide immediate need assistance such as food package and hygiene kits to reduce the financial burden on the selected beneficiaries and to increase their resilience to prevent COVID-19.

PDM Study was conducted in four Union Councils Pishtakhara, Nahaqi, Gullbela and Tehkal to cover maximum number of project beneficiaries. Total 100 recipients of food package & Hygiene Kit were interviewed taking 2.5% as sample of the total distribution. [19 pages]