SANKALPA: Collaborative Commitment for Participatory and Gender Responsive Budgets Endline Report

Publication Date: 20170724

‘Sankalpa’ - collaborative commitment for participatory and gender responsive budget project was implemented by CARE Nepal in Surkhet and Pyuthan districts of Mid-western region. Sankalpa worked with stakeholders in VDC level planning, budgeting processes to contribute towards a more responsive public budgeting system that equally benefits the marginalized section, including women. The project intervened to strengthen both demand and supply side of local level planning process. By supporting Village Development Committees (VDC), the project ensured transparency and participatory allocation of public budget and expenditure in local bodies. The project actively engaged with marginalized community groups and civil societies for bottom up planning process to hold the government accountable. The project worked with planning units and processes at ward and VDC level. Sankalpa directly intervened and collaborated with with Citizen Awareness Centers (CAC), Ward Citizen Forums (WCF) and Integrated Planning Committees (IPC) to promote active and meaningful representation and participation of women and marginalized section in these structure and processes of planning.

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