Strengthening Non-State Actors for Peace in Kayah State: Mid-Term Review

Publication Date: 20181102

Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC) was commissioned by Care Myanmar to carry out a midterm review (MTR) of its Strengthening Non-State Actors for Peace (SNAP) in Kayah State. CARE’s project goal is to enable non-state actors, particularly the Karenni State Women’s Network (KSWN), to support women’s organizations and grassroots members in representing their constituents’ interests in governmental and peace processes. The overall objective of the MTR is to assess the project’s progress in achieving its objectives and outcomes, in addition to facilitating a process to increase the capacity of key stakeholders in all steps of the learning cycle. More specifically, the MTR assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the project in making progress towards achieving areas of impact, and assesses the likely achievement of expected results and specific objectives as specified within CARE’s logical framework. [23 pages]

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