Adaption Learning Programme (ALP) for Africa Narrative Report

Publication Date: 20171215

The annual report for ALP Ghana covers the period of January 2016 to March 2017, which is the second and final year of the project in the extension phase. This report summarizes and discusses the results obtained during the period under review. The report attempts to analyze the progress of each output by bringing out what changed in the course of ALP work and why, how ALP contributed to the changes, lessons learnt as well challenges/barriers encountered and how they were managed. The report further looks at issues of ALP partnerships and relationships, their outcomes and future opportunities. The project was funded through a 2-year cooperative agreement between CARE Denmark and CARE Ghana. Donors of ALP include DFID, CISU and ADA. The overall goal of the project is to increase capacity of vulnerable households in Sub-Saharan Africa to adapt to climate variability and change.

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