Ardhi Yetu (Our Land) Programme Initiative Baseline Survey

Publication Date: 20140415

This report presents the findings of a baseline survey commissioned by CARE Tanzania in support of its new Ardhi Yetu Programme Initiative, which was conducted between 10th March and 9th April 2014. The purpose of the baseline survey was to enable CARE Tanzania have a better understanding of the status of the three strategic partners of the Programme - Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET), Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) and the Land Rights Research and Resources Institute (HAKIARDHI) - and establish initial values of indicators against which progress of implementation of Programme activities shall be measured.

Ardhi Yetu Programme, which commenced in January 2014 seeks to support the strengthening of capacity of Tanzanian CSOs to promote land rights of smallholder farmers and pastoralists as a means of ensuring food security. It is supported by CARE Denmark as part of its multi-country civil society strengthening programme implemented in seven countries and funded through a framework agreement between CARE Denmark and DANIDA; and shall run for four years with the possibility of an extension to five years. [38 pages]

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