Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) Midterm Review

Publication Date: 20171015

To improve the voice and accountability in sub-national democratic development, public service delivery and functions of the Cambodian sub-National Government, the Strategic Framework for Social Accountability (SAF) and a three year plan for the Implementation of the Strategic Framework (I-SAF) in 2015-2017, were designed through a highly consultative process between development partners, civil society and the Secretariat of the National Committee for sub-National Democratic Development (NCDDS). The I-SAF plan was endorsed in a joint meeting of the government and civil society in June 2013 and the SAF was approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia on the 11th of July 2013.The SAF and the I-SAF have been fully incorporated into the Second Implementation Plan (IP3-II) of the National Program for sub-National Democratic Development (NP-SNDD).

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