Youth Employment Project in Aswan (YEP) Midterm Evaluation

Publication Date: 15/10/2016

118-page midterm report on the “Youth employment in Aswan project” (YEP) which was funded by Swiss program under domain 2 was proposed by CARE and WorldFish (WF) in response to a call for proposal. According to the approved proposal, CARE and WF believed that despite the moment of transition and crisis in Egypt, during the post-2011 revolution period, there are also tremendous opportunities for increased income and employment for youth in the agricultural sector (defined in its broadest sense to encompass farming, animal production and fisheries). Accordingly, the goal of the program was that there will be increased and sustainable income and employment for disadvantaged youth, women and men in Aswan. The project aims to provide increased and sustainable income for 2,500 disadvantaged youth and employment for a further 4,000 youth.

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