Participatory community development projects in indigenous communities of the highlands of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia (GERMAN)

Publication Date: 20190401

Since 1994 CARE Deutschland e.V. (hereinafter CARE) has been carrying out participatory community development projects in the Andean region with the support of the BMZ. Target groups of these projects were Andean indigenous communities in the highlands of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The projects were implemented by local NGOs: Yachachic (1994-2006) in Ecuador, Acción Andina Peru (1997-2018) in Peru and Asociación Acción Andina Bolivien (2010-2017) in Bolivia. As these long-term interventions have so far not been systematically analyzed, it was decided to conduct this evaluation to assess their direct and indirect effects, to analyze the project approach and to formulate recommendations for future CARE projects in the Andean region.
(Full report is in German)
2. Evaluation methodology
The evaluation was carried out through an extensive field study between November and December 2018, visiting 12 indigenous communities in Ecuador, 12 in Peru and 8 in Bolivia.