Strengthening WASH basic infrastructure, resilience and livelihoods in return areas in Ninawa, Iraq

This baseline report was prepared as part of the multi-sectoral project in Sinjar and Telafar districts, Ninawa governorate. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ. CARE International in Iraq, in partnership with two local NGOs, namely Harikar and HOPE are planning to implement the project in two districts in Ninawa governorate, Telafar and Sinjar. It is intended to implement activities in three geographic locations within the two selected districts, Telafar city and Zummar town in Telafar district and Sinjar area in Sinjar district. Zummar’s population is about 118,000 individuals (19,000 families). Approx. 80% (around 15,000 families) of the population have now returned to Zummar. Telafar’s population is about 200,000 individuals (40,000 families). Around 25% of the total displaced population has returned according to local Telafar authorities. Sinjar city hosts a population of about 24,000 individuals (4,000 families) .
Field work was conducted in early January 2019. The aim of the multi-sectorial baseline assessment was to collect information on the current situation in the areas of Water Supply, Hygiene and Sanitation Practices, House, Land and Property (HLP), Livelihood and Governance in the target areas.

Velontenga Final Evaluation

Le projet VELONTEGNA mis en œuvre par le SAF/FJKM en partenariat avec CARE International dans la Région Atsinanana, et qui dure 3 ans, est financé par la Coopération allemande BMZ (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit). L’objectif est que les 17 000 ménages vulnérables cibles puissent améliorer de façon durable leur sécurité alimentaire afin de faire face aux impacts du changement climatique et parmi lesquels, il y aura au moins 4 000 ménages ruraux dirigés par les femmes. (88 pages)


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