Ghana: Bringing the inputs one step closer to the farmers

Worldwide, the Ukraine conflict is leading to unparallel price hikes in food, fuel, and fertilizer. Like most countries in the world, Ghana is being impacted by these shocks. In simple words, Ghana is already on the path to growing less food this year. Farmers are not producing enough food crops, which affects their households’ livelihoods, and impacts women and children. To understand more about the current impact of the global food crisis on smallholder farmers and their coping mechanisms in the local context, CARE engaged with farmers in Ghana. Read More...

Rapport d’évaluation à mi parcours du « projet eau-assainissement et fertilisation ecologique pour l’atteinte des omd » (pe

This 44 page report shows the mid-term findings of the water, sanitation, and ecological fertilizer ... Read More...

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