Gender Equality

Improving Access to Safe Employment for Migrant Women in Myanmar

Description of the document: This 43-page document evaluates the success of the Safe Employment project. It aimed to provide options for more safe jobs, implement accessible sexual and reproductive health and legal services, reduce sexual and or gender-based violence and increase social support for migrant women. The project operated in the HlaingTharya Township, Yangon and the townships of Pathein Gyi and Aung Myay Tharzan, Mandalay, Myanmar. Read More...

Civil Society Support to the right to food

This 32 page document highlights the findings from the first round of the Civil Society Support to the Right to Food project, funded by the Danish government. The project partnered with the Nepali organizations: Community Self Reliance Center, National Land Rights Forum, Right to Food Network Nepal, and the National Farmers’ Group Federation. The project reached 23,000 people directly with $2.5 million from 2013-2017. Read More...

Lend With CARE Akhuwat

This 21 page report highlights findings from the University of Portsmouth on Lendwithcare—a crowdsourced lending platform where individual donors can pick what businesses they want to fund. People who participate in Lendwithcare see higher incomes, a better quality of life, and stronger incomes. The project disbursed 11,300 loans between 2014-2017, with $760,000 in funding from individuals from all over the world. Read More...

Garic etude capitalisation versionfinale définitive

This 39 page doucment highlights findings from focus groups on what communities thought were the mos... Read More...

Informe de Diagnostico Inicial Proyecto Esperanza Para Mujeres Jovenes

Initial assessments for parents, girls from third – sixth grade, and girls with learning disabilitie... Read More...

Care social norms measurement paper

This 24 page paper looks at how to measure social norms as a key part of measuring social change Read More...

Improving Girl’s Access Through Transformation Education (IGATE) Endline Evaluation

This 165 page document reports the results of the IGATE project funded by UK Aid Read More...

Gender and GBV analysis and operational suggestions – CARE Nigeria field Assessment

CARE international has deployed a multisector assessment team in North East Nigeria to assess the increasing humanitarian needs and inform CARE’s emergency Strategy and response programming. The assessment will look at the areas of food security, Sexual and reproductive Health and Gender based violence. The gender-specific dynamics and impacts of the insurgency require a strong focus on gender mainstreaming and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) prevention and mitigation. Therefore a rapid gender and GBV analysis has been conducted with the global objective to improve the quality and effectiveness of CARE and partner’s response in the North East Nigeria through strong integration of gender equality and GBV at all stage of the humanitarian project cycle.

This analysis aim to provide answer to the following key questions:
• What are the different Impact of the insurgency for girls, women, boys and men and what
are the different needs of these groups?
• Who has access, and who has control over what resources and assistance? Who has the
decision among the family and the community? How the crisis has affected this power
relation, what social norms and practices affect the access and control?
• What are main GBV risks? Who is most affected and at-risk among girls, women, boys and
men? What are main social, cultural norms and practices that shape GBV in the Area?
• What are main GBV services providers and actors in the ground and what is their capacity to deliver? Do GBV survivors have access to comprehensive GBV services? What are main gaps
in service
• Formulate geographic and programmatic recommendations to guide CARE decision on GBV
• Develop a GAP to improve gender integration into the assistance. Read More...

Evaluación externa final : Democratización, derechos y dialogo intercultural

This 57 page document highlights the results of the Democratización, Derechos y Diálogo Intercultura... Read More...

VSLA Securing Rights and Improving Livelihoods of Women Kadam Elkhair

This 60 page document reports the results of the Kadam Elkhair Project Read More...

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